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Printed Cap Service

Don't overpay for printed swim caps

Here at Richfield Supplies, we know how important branding is for any business. That's why we have our very own Printed Cap Service, where you can create custom designed swimming caps for your leisure club, swimming classes or business.

  • Get the material right for you - Latex or silicone

    The most popular material is Silicone or Latex. Both materials can be beneficial depending on the swimmers individual needs. For example, some people are allergic to latex, so a great alternative would be silicone.

  • Printing on both sides

    You able to have the same design on each side of the cap for an additional cost. We can include this cost in your quote.

  • How many colours is right for you?

    Gone are the days when caps came only in boring dull colours! However, the general rule is the more colours you want to use the more costly the cap will be. If you have a logo, for example, with many different colours, you may benefit from a single colour design.

  • How many caps do you need?

    To use our Printed Cap Service you'll need to order a minimum of 25 caps, however, by ordering more you'll benefit from a lower cost per cap.

  • Don't accept poor quality, inferior caps - the price may seem good but the quality will likely be poor!

    For a quote please complete a contact form using this link or email [email protected] and we will be in touch, usually within 24/48 hours.

    To ensure we provide you with an accurate quote, please include in the following information:
  • Company Name
  • Cap material(s) required
  • Cap colour(s)
  • Cap quantity
  • Image of and details of print required
  • Date caps are required by (if you're working to a deadline)